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Los Angeles County Biohazard Cleanup Narrative

My name is Ed Evans and I have a biohazard cleanup business serving Los Angeles county and throughout California. I cleanup blood related to suicides, unattended deaths, and decomposition cleanup following unattended deaths.

Because I work alone my prices are hundreds if not thousands of dollars less than my competitors. See my education and training.

Biohazard cleanup for Los Angeles's homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleaning needs. I cover all of Los Angeles every day, every hour. Call for a telephone quote. If you live outside of Los Angeles County, call anyway. Most often I can clean anywhere in

Biohazard cleanup activities remove, alter, dilute, flush, and destroy biohazards. Blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) contain infectious waste. When wet, moist, or dried in flakes, blood we consider blood as biohazardous waste.

Produced as a result of human activities, we expect to encounter biohazardous waste on all violent crime scenes, violent suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition. Of course trauma cleanup includes the same. It could be infectious such as blood or other fluids in the body.

Biohazardous waste can also act as a carrier of infectious diseases from exposure. Exposure may take place by inhaling, swallowing, eye contact, injection, and open wounds.

Homicide, suicide, and unattended death scenes all carry a risk of biohazard exposure to biohazard cleanup technicians. They, you if doing the cleaninig, must take great care around infectious wastes of other sorts too.

Once the dangers of the biohazardous waste were identified, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put forth certain regulations for the waste disposal, a biohazard cleanup practitioner's must read. Biohazardous Waste Disposal Regulations in the U.S. vary from state to state. The regulations have helped to establish penalties for mismanagement of the biohazardous waste and also established record keeping requirements.

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Recovering Biohazardous Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Resource Recovery Act. Many states have adopted this act to regulate the handling and disposal of biohazardous materials. The EPA calls biohazardous waste as medical waste. Different states have different approaches to this terminology.

What all states recognize for certain involves infectious waste handled as medical waste or otherwise. Some types of medical waste require addition to a biohazard waste stream for burning, burial, or other form of destruction. Some types of medical waste become solid waste for solid waste disposal.

Biohazardous waste includes many chemotherapy drugs and formaldehyde. Medical activities or laboratory activities creating medical waste must track their waste from cradle to grave while keeping track of the regulations. I do not handle these in any way. Los Angeles residents need to contact a medical waste transporting company for disposal of these materials. For biohazard cleanup I recommend that Los Angeles residents and businesses call me.

Here's a list of wonderful web pages for Los Angeles's biohazard cleanup consumer information:

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Los Angeles Coroner Fraud

  1. Cronyismin Orange County will not stop Eddie Evans' efforts to free tax payers from coroner fraud
  2. Orange County Consumer Fraud means no effort to great, no effort to big, and no discomfort will stop Eddie Evans crime fighting efforts in biohazard cleanup fairness.
  3. Coroner Fraud must stop before Eddie stops his quest to expose injustice wherever it raises its ugly head. Put another way, Eddie has no intention of quitting his quest for justice. Victims of violence must be free of local government corruption.
  4. Orange County Coroner Fraud is not much different than coroner fraud elsewhere. it's just closer to Eddie Evans.
  5. Orange County Corruption means tax payers need help from a very special guy, Eddie Evans.
  6. Orange County Fraud in its corner's department means that no one should every trust a coroner's employee referrals to biohazard cleanup companies.
  7. Orange County's government crooks page opened recently. See it for some new information related to crime in blood cleanup.


What do we mean by the term biohazards?

Biohazard cleanup for homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths throughout Los Angeles County. I use Home Depot cleaning tools and chemicals. In this way my biohazard cleanup clients know where to find what I use if they have any questions. My goal is to return your residence or business to its prior biological condition. My name is

Eddie Evans and I've been a biohazard company owner for 14 years.

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What are Biohazards?

Biohazards come in many shapes, sizes, and species. We usually think of tuberculosis when thinking about

airborne biohazards. Then there are the biohazard cleanup jobs for Los Angeles that come to mind most often, bloodborne pathogen biohazards exposure from homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Such biohazards usually come from wet, moist, and flaked human blood. Other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) also arise from incidents like homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths.

Suicide cleanup, for e ample, will often involve gross amounts of solid material since high caliber weapons used by males leave an extraordinary amount of debris, OPIM.

As a self employed, Los Angeles biohazard cleanup practitioner my experience over these last nine years should give me more than enough experience. With my experience and low overhead I save my biohazard cleanup clients a good deal of money. Where others charge thousands of dollars,

So as terrible acts, events and situations arise, I'm ready to go to work helping families and businesses as best that I can. I doing so I offer a guarantee for my work. This means that I will return if you find something disagreeable and want me to set it right. As it turns out, I thoroughly cleanup so that no one does become offended by objectionable material. It would be wrong to not clean thoroughly.

A word on odors should follow, too. I cannot guarantee that all biohazard related odors will disappear overnight. Homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths do leave odors that permeate buildings. Paper, clothing, carpeting, carpet padding, and composite wood all open their pours to death scene odors. These I reduce if not remove; however, sometimes it does take a while for these odors to completely leave. Usually their absence indicates the end of biohazard cleanup tasks.

By opening windows and ventilating heavily odors do go away. In fact, ventilating remains a must in biohazard cleanup work. Usually I use a fogger to reduce biohazard at biohazard cleanup's beginning. It helps to reduce odors as well. No other company will promise to deodorize all property either, at least not in affordable terms.

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If homeowner's insurance is available for Los Angeles residents' biohazard cleanup fees; it might cover costs of a total deodorization. To find out more about this service, I would need to talk to a claims adjuster and have your policy number.

Biohazardous materials seldom catch our attention, but when massive blood loss occurs, biohazard cleanup should be at the tip of our tongues.


How long do dangerous viruses live?

Inside the body viruses that cause illness and death can live for many years without their host, a person. HIV can go as long as 10 years before its affects become known as AIDS. HIV usually plays a big part of biohazard cleanup service sales.

Outside of the body it's almost anyone's guess how long bloodborne pathogens live; not for long in most cases. From seconds of existence following a traumatic injury in bright sunlight, to days, and even weeks in ideal laboratory conditions:

"Under ideal laboratory conditions HIV can remain infectious in dried blood and
liquid blood for several weeks and HBV stays active for even longer." Health and Safety Executive

What we need to add to this information is that healthy bodies fight off some bloodborne micro organisms under optimum conditions. The young, elderly, and sick have less defense against these bloodborne pathogens. For them a small inoculation of virus and bacteria could be fatal. Often these viruses and bacteria die before long when outside our bodies. It's those occasions when an injection of biohazards occurs through our orifices nose, eyes, mouth, and so forth.

As an additional service from Biosafe, Orange County Biohazard cleanup for special blood, death, suicide and unaccompanied death cleanup.

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Vector Biohazards

We often think of a vector as an area designated by grids and such, as in algebra. Here we're talking about insects and animals carrying germs which they inject or somehow expose to humans, often unknowingly as humans go about their business.

We need to stay aware of vectors because their domain continues to grow as global warming creates habitat for more biohazardous life forms. It's true that mosquitoes do not inject us with HIV, but they do inject us with malaria. One day they my carry other bloodborne pathogens we've yet to learn about.

Malaria transmitted by female mosquitoes, for one, doesn't qualify for biohazard cleanup as we use this term, biohazard cleanup.

How long will it take for these females to begin transferring other germs? How long before male mosquitoes begin transferring germs? Probably not in my lifetime because I'm 67, but my kinfolk have children that will see biohazards grow as new vectors emerge from places yet to be raped by tractors and fire.

As rainforests and other wild places become developed nature's secrets spill out onto humanity, in part. Most of nature's secrets become lost for all time. Those victorious biohazards released into civilization threaten us in ways we cannot imagine. Biohazard cleanup takes on a new sense of urgency in training as a result.

Vectors present us with a lot of unknowns. Let's hope that were ready for the ne t batch of vector carrying insects released from wild nature.


Sewage does not generally qualify as a biohazard, but it does qualify as infectious. It's the same with sewage elsewhere, no biohazard cleanup required. In this case our health plays a major role in protecting or failing to protect us from sickness and disease. In fact, as I write these lines there's a potential for a great cholera epidemic in Haiti, a poor, unfortunate country grown from slavery to independence.

Nonetheless, a cholera epidemic spread by poor sanitation and infectious materials broth to this land of suffering from another country will kill many thousands of people. So sewage threatens many people as it has do for thousands of years.

Sewage sludge gathers in a central area and then germs and viruses have a friendly habitat for population growth and further migration. This is what's happening in Haiti as tens of thousands of people struggle every day just to find a piece of bread, let alone a decent place to sleep.

Sewage does not pose a risk from HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C or other bloodborne pathogens, thank goodness. Just the same, if you ever have a sewage overflow and there's an infant or elderly person nearby, there's an increased change of sickness occurring. It's best that sewage cleanup occur as quickly as possible and as thoroughly as possible, just like biohazard cleanup should occur quickly and thoroughly.

Biohazard Cleanup

Prudent measures for biohazard cleanup following homicides, suicides, unattended death decompositions, and traumatic blood loss suffice. Using extraordinary measures exceeds needed precautions. But what do we mean by "prudent measures"?

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Title 40: Protection of Environment

"No evidence indicates that bloodborne diseases have been transmitted from contact with raw or treated sewage. Many bloodborne pathogens, particularly bloodborne viruses, are not stable in the environment for long periods of time"

Prudence suggests that when there's lots of blood it's best to pour it down a sanitary sewer, meaning the sink or toilet. Sewage microorganism will destroy any bloodborne pathogens remaining in blood, if not already destroyed by pre decontamination.

For death cleanup following several homicides or murder suicide cleanup, I make every effort to reduce biohazard material before removing anything from a home or business. I can do this by bleaching out materials and pouring materials down the sanitary sewer, as mentioned above. But there's more to do.

Many times I've sealed once blood soiled materials. In doing so it becomes ne t to impossible for anyone to come in contact with these once questionable objects. Besides, besides sealing them, they're placed in thick, black, .3 mil bags, which I tipple. This approach makes more sense to me than taking once blood soiled objects onto public streets.

For those materials that cannot be rendered less than biohazardous, these I treat anyway and triple bag. I then place them in a freezer to await pickup by my biohazard transportation company.

Overall, heavy dilution of blood and addition of caustic chemicals like bleach goes a long way toward reducing biohazards. Keep not of septic tank requirements, by the way. It should be safe to dispose of biohazardous liquids in a septic tank, but check with the manufacturer before disposing these materials in liquid or solid form (paper).

A functioning septic tank should destroy bloodborne pathogens. Always consult the system's manufacturing guidelines before pouring blood and OPIM into septic tanks.

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Los Angeles County cities served and as Los Angeles County biohazard cleanup issues. None of this will inform those visiters seeking biohazard cleanup service, but only those involved in the Los Angeles biohazard cleanup business.

Biohazard cleanup entails of skills, abilities and knowledge. Information about the recent weather conditions in Los Angeles County aids the biohazard cleanup practitioner's planning process. For example, we know that Los Angeles County benefits from a "Mediterrainian" type of climate. So the weather patters, which occur daily, have an influence over what the biohazard cleanup practitioner will expect.

Fortunately for Los Angeles County residents and businesses, the threats of water damage from high humidity do not last long during the year. As a result cleanup issues related to mold and water damage hardly exist because of our dry climate, our dry air. More specifically, blood cleanup entails removal of dry flaky blood during many Los Angeles County biohazard cleanup operations as a result.

Just the same, when winter months arrive, the moisture content in Frazer Park will out distance the mositure content in a dryer location like San Gabriel or Whittier. Likewise, Long Beach remains more cool and moist throughout the year than lacation well inland like Lancaster. As a consequence of these considerations, a biohazard cleanup practitioner knows that any changes in daily biohazard cleanup locations may mean a different approach to blood cleanup.

Acton shares weather characteristics like those found in Agoura and Agoura Hills. It's the same in Agua Dulce but not Alhambra or Altadena. Angelus Oaks Antelope Antioch Anza Azusa Apple Valley Arcadia Arcata Arleta Arroyo Grande Artesia Atascadero. By far, Bakersfield boasts the dryest weather conditions of those cities noted here for biohazard cleanup considerations, but then, it does not belong to Los Angeles County, proper. Baldwin Park stands out as a typical LA city. Expect its weath to reflect that of Banning and Barstow while more nearly matching Beaumont, Bel Air, and Bell in terms of biohazard cleanup conditions.

It's like, we could use a weather channel for forecasting the biohazard cleanup job's termperature and moisture condtions in Bell Gardens and Belmont each day.

Would it matter what tomorrow's weather amounts to in exclusive neighborhoods like the following:

This should give us pause when marketing are biohazard cleanup services because noted cities have more discretionary income. So would it be proper to charge more for these exclusive cities residents or is this an ethical business issue for the biohazard cleanup company owners?

Bradbury Bradberry is a city in the San Gabriel Valley must therefore share the areas driest conditions, in part. This tiny area only has fewer than 900 residents. Burbank is located 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, this one time object of Dickie Smothers' jokes as a population of 104,000 people. It is known as a "media capital of the world" and found northeast of Hollywood.Canoga Park Canyon Country Canyon Lake Carson Castaic Century City Cerritos Chatsworth City of Industry Covina

Culver City Del Mar Diamond Bar Downey Duarte Eagle Rock El Monte El Segundo Foothill Ranch Fremont Gardena Located about 8 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. Glendale, located about 8 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, it lies on the south eastern end of the San Fernando Valley. The city is bordered by Sun Valley to the northwest while locking yacht of flint rid and lock resent the are found to its northeast. To the west we find Pasadena into the South, we find Ventura Freeway running through the city.

Freeways play an important part in the biohazard cleanup business because of traffic congestion in the Southern California area. It takes hours to reach areas only a dozen hours away at rush hour. Hawthorne and Harbor City might as well be on the moon at 4 PM during the week. It's not much better on Saturdays. Even Pico Rivera and La Canada Flintridge suffer the same fate. The biohazard cleanup practitioner has no choice though because fighting traffics is part of the game. Areas like Goleta and Gorman remain hard to reach even though they have low traffic density.

Granda Hills, Hacienda Heights, and Hermosa Beach share heavy traffic during the week. Huntington Park had tracks for the Pacific Electric Railway pacific_electric_railroal_logo at tone time, but the city removed them in favor of internal combustion vehicles. We find the shadows of this light rail transit system running from Santa Monica to Bellflower while passing through the City of Cypress as it meanders into Orange County. Inglewood and Irwindale reside within the same area.

La Cresenta

La Verne



Los Alamitos

Los Altos

Manhattan Beach

Marina del Ray



Monterey Park

North Hollywood




Pacific Palisades



Palos Verdes

Panorama City





Pico Rivera Placentia


Panorama City







Rancho Palos Verdes

Redondo Beach



Rowland Heights

San Marino

San Pedro

Sherman Oaks

Sierra Madre

Signal Hill

Simi Valley

South Gate



Temple City

Thousand Oaks

Topanga Torrance

Van Nuys





West Covina

West Hollywood has the same moisture conditions as Hollywood proper.

Westlake Village



Woodland Hills